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Doing my small part to keep my favorite business’s open.

We all have experienced that sense of loss when one of our favorite business’s is closed down: it may have been your favorite restaurant, favorite store or favorite barber shop. The fact is that I find this type of thing tragic and after seeing so many going out of business sign’s I decided to do this blog in order to help. I know that this may not be the most fancy blog in the world, however it is my hope that you find it useful the next time you are looking to go out with friends.

Just For Your Home – Wrath of the Shaolin Master Carpenter

solar-panel5-miniThink about the people in the world who are fantastically successful in any chosen endeavor. You know who I am talking about – the Kobe’s, the Lee’s, the Arnold’s the Jordan’s, etc. The one thing that these people have in common is the fact that they all started when they were very young and they kept with their passions. When they did keep with their passion’s, well you know the results. Now admittedly these were people who are sports stars, martial artists, bodybuilder’s, etc. So the average person, unless they start really young, and have a lot of luck, would never achieve the

type of success in a “star” career such as the ones listed above. Most people start their careers in the early 20’s or late teens when their formative years are far behind them.

Now imagine if you started training in your chosen career before you even reached puberty like pro athletes do. In someone who was in an everyday field such as: plumbing, auto mechanics, construction and all of the other careers that we take for granted. You would literally be able to do things just like a Jordan or a Lee but in your chosen everyday field – like welding for example. In other words someone who started young would be a “Kung Fu” master of their chosen field of study.

Meet Jesus F. Hernandez – Master Carpenter and Master Craftsman. Starting from age 6 in a poor village in Mexico, Jesus starting carving his own toys out of pieces of wood in the backyard! So here you have it folk’s the Kung Fu Master of Carpentry. Of course he does share the name of another famous master carpenter as well – so maybe that has something to do with it 😉

Update: it appears that Jesus’ website is no longer in service, which is sad. I wish him all the best of luck in his current and future endeavors. He really is a great carpenter.

Rhino Records – Saving Your Artistic Soul one Record at a Time


One thing that I think is lost upon Millenial’s is the absolute joy of thumbing through the record collection at your favorite store. Many days of my youth were lost traversing the endless isles of my local record trying to find the lost treasure at the local record store. Whether it was a Dylan Bootleg, a rare Hendrix recording or Led Zeppelin box set the fact of the matter is that it was so much fun to look at the artwork, feel the vibe in the store and get a feeling of accomplishment when your found what you are looking for. Then to take that album home, push play and listen to the record that you had found – almost as if it was recorded just for you.

Unfortunately most record stores are gone now, replaced by digital download sites and Youtube it is just not possible to get the same satisfaction from a Google search and a download.

For everyone that has nostalgia for a bygone age – I give you Rhino Records – the world’s last honest record store.



American Servco Imaging Systems – Copier Repair at a Fair Price.

American Servco Imaging Systems

You know you have dealt with it, it has happened. You have seen it in Movies and on TV. It is the point where you are so fed up with disgust that you just want to pull your hair and go gangster all of the Office! This is the moment where you look down and see that message on the printer or fax machine that says: LOAD PC 1 LETTER, PRINTER CODE 9567923 OR THE DREADED PRINTER IS OFFLINE! You scramble, you are on a deadline, you panic, what do you do – WHAT DO YOU DO!!!!

If this has ever happened to you, you need the folks over at American Servco Imaging Systems. These are good people who can help you get the best performance out of your old busted up copiers, printers and fax machines. The techs over at American Servco Imaging Systems have all of the tools necessary to fix your problem fast. They can even get you a brand new device should you have any problems getting your old device fixed. If you have a kyocera device, which is what we have at our office, your in luck, because they specialize in kyocera printer repair and service.

I have personally seen American Servco in action as they service my office frequently. They’re owner Clayton Creasy is a top notch businessman with great skills and the ability to fix nearly any problem with ease and clarity. And he is always accessible should you need to speak with him. Give them a call at 1-800-870-9049 for a free quote.

Update: American Servco has just partnered with to provide outstanding Canon Copier Support for their customers.

American Servco Imaging Systems


Review: Build My List by Jimmy Kim.

Product Review: Build My List by Jimmy Kim.

As many people know we here at believe that small business is the lifeblood of the economy. Up to this point I have only reviewed local businesses and local business people. However, there are many small businesses and small business owners who start out online. At this point I believe it might be good to stretch my wings a little and review a product that is related to online business. In this short review, I am going to be reviewing a product which can help you start up an online business, namely Jimmy Kim’s Build My List program.

I came across an article recently that spoke about the truth about Jimmy Kim’s Build My List program. This appears to be a legitimate small business system and really inexpensive at 49.00.

So who is this Jimmy Kim guy?

Jimmy Kim is a successful online marketer and Internet Guru. He has amassed a small fortune through his online business ventures and now wants to give back to others. He appears to be honest and upfront about what he does and seems sincere about his wish for people to become successful online.

While there are many other courses and groups online who can help people succeed like the people at Wealthy Affiliate, these people are generally affiliate marketers, rather than people who espouse the efficacy of building and keeping an online client base which is what Jimmy Kim focuses on.

How to get the most out of this course.

One of the things that people must always keep in mind is that it definitely takes work to build anything of value. No one ever built a long lasting company with zero effort and a pipedream. If you want to succeed online, you have to put the work in as well.

While no course can guarantee riches of any sort, there are many systems to make money that are tried and true. Jimmy Kim’s “Build My List Program” seems to be one of those.

In Conclusion

I would like to say that while this is not a small business per say, it is a great way for people to build a base of clients online. Of course, in the interest of full disclosure, I must say that there are multiple ways to make money out there. Money spends the same no matter how you make it. Whether you wish to open a small brick and mortar business or open an online shop, you should be able to benefit from Jimmy Kim’s course.

ISA Registrar: Good for your business

ISA Registrar: Good for your business

Normally I do not review non-public facing businesses here on BAF, however, recently a friend contacted me and told me about a company that she had worked with. ISA Registrar, the company in question, are a fantastic organization based upon the premise of providing quality consultation services to small businesses around the globe in order to help them streamline their processes and procedures. This in turn, helps businesses, get more business.

ISA Informed me that they do this through certifying companies for ISO9001, AS9120 and AS9100 certification. I spoke to the owner of ISA Registrar and he gave me a brief synopsis of why companies would want to get certified in the above standards. Below is a brief explanation, which hopefully I do not butcher too much.

Essentially ISO9001 Registrations, the AS9120 Standard and AS9100 business certifications are given to a business which exceeds standards in their chosen field. While anyone can receive ISO9001 certification which is an international standard denoting top notch qualities and practices in any field AS9100 and 9120 are primarily used in Aerospace manufacturing.

By adhering to these standards businesses can increase customer relations, improve business output and improve company morale. Below is a list of the differences of the three certifications. Please remember these explanations are not exhaustive.

  • AS9100: This certification is based on the ISO9001 Standard set forth by the military and the BSI group. AS9100 exists as an offshoot of ISO9001 because ISO9001 did meet the specific requirements of the Aerospace Industry.
  • AS9120: This certification is also based on the ISO9001 Standard (see above). The quote below is a really good explanation directly from the AS9120 site.

    Aerospace manufacturers must be certified to the Aerospace AS9100 standard – more stringent than the ISO 9001 standard for general manufacturing. For distributors, the AS9120 standard flows down the manufacturer’s AS9100 requirements for inventory control, lot tracing and vendor management, ensuring manufacturers have consistency throughout their supply chain.

  • So as you can see for Aerospace companies this is a huge must have in order to get more business. As a matter of fact I was told that many government entities will not do business with a company that is not ISA Certified.
  • ISO 9001 standard: this is the standard that the previous two standards emanate from. It is a general standard to which many business could benefit from. This standard encourage better business streamlining and customer focus.

As you can see there are many benefits to being certified by a company such as ISA Registrar. Contact them today for your small, medium or large business at: You can also follow them on facebook, google plus and twitter – see below.

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