This is a website dedicated to helping small businesses in the Inland Empire

At this site you will find articles and information regarding small to medium sized businesses in the Inland Empire and throughout Southern California.

This website is dedicated to helping small and medium sized businesses stay afloat. It is a passion project and as such is 100% non-profit (meaning I literally make no profit.)

Eventually this website will contain news, tips on bills and taxes and other tricks to assist you with your business.

This site will forever be a work in progress.

This site is constantly being worked on and is constantly being updated with the latest information that I can find about local businesses in my area. In addition the website may, from time to time, look different than you remember it – this is the creative process at work.

In a nutshell I am constantly updating this site so that I can help my fellow businesses become more and more successful. Next time you visit this site will probably be radically made over.

What is this blog, why does it exist?

As a small business owner, child of a small business owner and a grandchild of another one, I have a certain affinity for the entrepreneurs in this country who make our country function. It is extremely hard to own a small business in America, much less maintain a successful one. Taxes, Workman Compensation, Unemployment Insurance, Health Codes and numerous other regulations keep you mired in so much red-tape that it feels like you’ll never make a profit.

The reason why I started this website was simple, I wanted to help my fellow small business owner succeed in a world that utterly has it out for him.

I am tired of watching small businesses die

One day, I was walking down the street and I spotted several going out of business signs, back to back, one right after another. I started to think to myself how did these businesses, all of whom look like they had been in business for at least 20 years fall upon such hard times.

I went in to talk to a store owner one day and asked him why he had to close up shop and he simply stated that he cannot afford to stay in business now that all of the online businesses have been taking his market share.

How can I help?

I though long and hard about how I could help my fellow business person. I thought about doing Yelp reviews, Facebook Pages or even a Google Plus page for several of my local businesses for free or next to free.

Then it hit me …..

Why not do a website that showcases all of the local businesses that I like while simultaneously (hopefully) starting a movement amongst other Webmaster’s in my area.

Thus this website was born …

How does someone get on this site, what is your selection process?

There is no board or committee to appeal to, you cannot ask to be on this website. I do not take payment to be on here and this is not some type of linking scam that you can use to rank your own internet based business.

I will not be writing about every single business in the world, just my favorite local businesses. That is why I issue the Webmaster Challenge. If every Webmaster, large or small, wrote about the small business he or she liked we may be able to help a massive group of people.

All of the businesses, with the exception of maybe a choice few, listed on this website will be brick and mortar establishments which may or may not have an online presence. The reason why I do this is quite simply to assist people who are having trouble staying afloat.

There are a number of ways to help.

There are numerous ways to help your local business community. Below are just a few:

  • Start a Facebook Page
  • Start a Kickstarter Campaign for local businesses
  • Tell your friends about a local business that is really good.
  • Start a Website like this one.
  • Be involved with your local chamber of commerce
  • Help a local business for free in return for a client referral.
  • If you think about it you can probably think of many more ways to help ….

The bottom line is that if the online community can help out the brick and mortar community we will all benefit from it.