Webmaster Challenge

Why this Challenge?

As cheesy as it may sound now, at one time most Web Master’s and fellow nerds followed a certain credo which was: “…with great power comes great responsibility.”

Think about the first time you heard those words when you were a kid or the first time you read them in your favorite super hero origin story. Those words touched you because you realized that for you to stand back and do nothing while good people get hurt was almost the same as hurting someone yourself.

Now you have a chance to do something good with all of the knowledge you have picked up over the year’s so I urge you to take this challenge.

This will not take long, it may only take you a few hours a week to maintain or even less. You can do this with the simplest of tools or the most complicated of frameworks but you should do it none the less.

The Challenge: If you choose to accept it!

The next time you go to your local hangout, whether that is a restaurant, a computer shop or even a comic book store see if you can talk to the owner. Get a sense of how he started your favorite business, what his motivations were and see what you can learn from him about maybe doing your own business.

Once your done, if you still think that the business you like is worthy of your time (there is no one saying you have to help a business whose boss is a jerk) pull up a Tumblr page, open up a free WordPress blog or do something else in order get the word out regarding the business you like. What you are doing is your part to help a small business keep going. You just paid it forward.

So to all Nerd’s, Geek’s and Webmaster’s you now have my challenge. Go forth and help your fellow man/woman/whatever!